Photo Gallery

Ashes to Sea Ceremonies

A very meaningful way to memorialize your lost loved one.

Board of Directors

Belief and determination will show the way!

Celebrating our Lives 8/8/13
Expanding our Fleet

Mana'olana's goal is to serve more cancer survivors by expanding our fleet of canoes.

Garden Party 9/8/13

The Pink Ladies clean up so nice!

Jeannie and RC's Wedding
Lanai Voyage - October 2013

It is such fun to practice together and prepare for our Lanai Voyage to raise funds for cancer!  Imua!

Meet the Pinks!

We are a diverse group with a common cause..challenge cancer, create community and promote hope!

Paddlers Open - April 2013

A fun day of friendly (but competitive) racing.....Imua!

Paddling with a Purpose


Pink Fun Raising! and Fun Raising!

Having fun and raising funds are the perfect match!

Steering a Canoe
Native Hawaiian Canoe Ceremony 12-6-13

Mana'olana Pink Paddlers participated in an Ancient Native Hawaiian Canoe Ceremony and it was a magical experience.  We pushed off at 5 am in the pitch black to reach the ceremony location as the sun rose.  Then over a dozen canoes all paddled to shore together as one for the ceremony.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed a continental breakfast and reflected on a memorable morning.

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