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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Visitor Program has been suspended indefinitely.  

Join Mana’olana Pink Paddlers -- Maui’s only outrigger canoe club helping cancer survivors regain health and happiness after the grueling effects of cancer treatment. 

During these difficult Covid times, the Pinks paddle with members only to keep our survivors safe and all Covid protocols are followed. 

Mana’olana welcomes all Maui cancer survivors to join.  

Supporters of cancer survivors can join Maui Canoe Club which paddles weekday mornings. 

Have fun, gain confidence, make new friends and become part of something bigger than yourself …  

Come and ride in our safe, stable, double hull canoes.  We paddle every Tuesday and Thursday from Sugar Beach, North Kihei. 

email info@manaolanapinkpaddlersmaui.org for further information

Calling all Survivors no matter your physical strength -- if you can't paddle you can ride!

We invite all Maui cancer survivors to paddle with the PINKS


Mana'olana Pink Paddlers Maui from Paul Marwood on Vimeo.

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl,

but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


If you think you can't do this read what first time Survivors have said.......

I want to share one of the most amazing experiences of my life, today. This morning, The Pacific Cancer Foundation sponsored an event with the Pink Paddlers, at the Maui Canoe Club in Kihei. I got my butt up early and drove to Kihei. On my way there, I saw the sun peeking out from behind the clouds as it rose over Haleakala. I was still not sure if I wanted to actually haul my butt into a canoe and paddle out into the ocean, or confident I could do it physically. I was encouraged by other participants that I could do it and they would be there to help in any way, if I wanted or needed help. For those of you who don’t know, the “Pinks” are a diverse group of cancer survivors who come together to support each other and people undergoing treatment. What an awesome group of people!  So, I actually did haul my butt into a double hull canoe, along with 11 other people, and we were off into the ocean. I am so glad I did. We paddled out past the buoys and started looking for whales. It didn’t take long to find a mama and a baby, hanging out close to the surface. We kept our distance but they seemed to come toward us as we bobbed in place in the canoe. For an hour or so, we watched Mama and Baby frolic probably 30 feet or so away. The peace of being on the water, under a bright warm sun and watching these magnificent creatures brought tears to my eyes, more than once. And the love and support from the others in the canoe was palpable, appreciated, and loving beyond words. Paddling with 11 others was amazing, we fell into a rhythm and I realized I can do this! And I did. After our time on the water, the group gathered for a group meditation, beachside under the sun. I am so happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did this. And I will do it again. And again. Gratitude for the experience, the earth, the ocean, the whales and the wonderful people I had the privilege to connect with today. LIFE IS GOOD!

Aloha, Mana'olana Pink Paddlers:      I had the privilege of paddling with you last summer and fall. My friend introduced me in to the club. I had no idea what a joyous and positive experience it would be!  The "Pinks" are the most friendly and generous group of people. They welcomed me and made me feel included in something very special.       I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012 and completed treatments in 2014.  It was an uphill climb back to health and well being until I met the Pinks!  To be able to paddle out onto the ocean in the mornings, greet the day, say prayers for loved ones and kindred spirits and affirm our gratitude was the BEST medicine I could ever hope for.  It really bolstered my confidence and filled my heart. I have been strengthened mentally, physically and spiritually from the experience that I had with you all.  And it is just SO beautiful out there!!!(from Sugar Beach ) Thank you, Pinks, for all of your encouragement, laughter and life.  


Hi, Offering the club many thanks for the joyous experience of paddling with you today. My friend Virginia suggested we do this together. I was not sure I would have the strength having finished chemo in late October for ovarian cancer, but it seemed like a wonderful idea. I paddled today not only for myself but also for my dear friend Lynne who is fighting so hard to live and to Sue who recently passed. A heartfelt thanks to the women and men who make this activity available to survivors, friends, and family. Cancer is so pervasive that it is amazing to have a way to overcome it through strength and solidarity. It is also a blessed way of remembering and honoring those in the throws of the disease and those who have passed. Mahalo,


Enhance your life and come be part of the Pink Experience!


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