E Komo Mai - Welcome to Mana'olana Pink Paddlers

Maui’s only nonprofit Hawaiian Outrigger Paddling Organization

 Focused on Helping Cancer Survivors Regain Health

Excitement! Adventure! Camaraderie!

This describes Maui’s innovative Mana’olana Pink Paddlers.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the lives of those stricken by cancer by introducing them to the Hawaiian sport of outrigger canoeing. We prove, by example, that there is life after cancer by encouraging physical exercise to build strength, confidence, and friendships. People heal with us – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We offer a unique service that deeply touches the heart of anyone who paddles or rides with us.


Mana'o (ma-nah-oh) Lana (luh-nah)

Hope, Confidence, Expectation, To Hope

Our Mission is to help survivors regain health and strength after cancer

Cancer affects everyone in our community.

Natural Maui resources provide a nurturing environment where survivors can connect and support each other.

Through Hawaiian Outrigger Paddling we offer survivors hope and inspiration to heal and grow strong again.

Here is what one paddler said....

"This morning I was gliding on the waves. Hiccups of ancestral joy bubbling around my heart. I have been here before, not one or two times but for ages. A long chain of incarnations elegantly holding the paddle, transfixing the surface with glee, moving the water alongside the canoe.  Hut-Ho. Change side. Sensing in the belly the hull get lighter and faster. That's where the canoe speaks to you, right around your umbilical waters, sensing, attuning smiling listening to the big waters. That is where you know how fast you are going, how synchronized each paddler is. Every stroke a big bite of water, space and time left behind.  We flew ahead of everyone. It was not a race, but we raced. The crew was well matched and the temptation too big. Not for any prize, only for pure pleasure." 


The Meaning of ALOHA is an expression of our essence. It is the language of the SOUL and often speaks through welcome smiles, friendly gestures and warm greetings. And although ALOHA is used when saying hello or goodbye. It actually means a great deal more. In fact to Hawaiians ALOHA is not so much a word as it is attitude or a state of mind peacefully filled with spirituality, compassion, and gratitude

ALOHA desires the best of everyone while endlessly projecting love for all creation from the center of its heart, and while giving generously of itself. ALOHA ask only that we share its gift with others.

ALOHA is by nature unconditional. It embraces all of the humanity with open arms as though it were placing a garland of fragrant flowers around its neck.

ALOHA points to the spiritual potential inherent in all the people of the earth and asks that we express that potential always through positive actions.

ALOHA is the spirit of goodness and if were able to speak it might humbly say " ALOHA kekahi i kekahi " Love one another as you would wish to be loved.

ALOHA is the silent breath of the ancients bridging the years into the present to softly caress, encourage, uplift and bless us all.


He Mele No Mana‘olana

A Song for Hope

Eia no kākou i ka wa‘a  ākala
Here we are in the pink canoe

O ka Hui Wa‘a Mana‘olana
Of the Mana‘olana Canoe Club

Ho‘omaika‘i no kēia lā
Grateful for this day

Ho‘omaika‘i no ke aloha kekahi i kekahi,
Grateful for the love we have for one another

Me ka mālama no ka ho‘ola ‘ana a ka olakino maika‘i
With the support we share for healing and good health

Ka wahi ke ola pono no Maui no ka oi
Where the good life on Maui is the best

‘Āmama, ua noa o ka leo wale nō.
The prayer is finished, the taboo is lifted just by our voices.

We invite all cancer survivors, caregivers, and supporters to paddle with us. 

Enhance your life and come be part of the Pink Experience!







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Clicking the donate button with take you to our "Donate" page,
where you will be able to make a contribution through Paypal.


Mana'olana is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization


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